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Krakow is a popular destination for domestic and international flights, especially from Europe, but also from the USA, Israel, Morocco and Dubai. Cheap flights to Krakow are a great opportunity for tourists from abroad, as well as for passengers from distant corners of Poland because they can see the amazing architecture and feel the historical royal atmosphere of this city.

What are the European countries where you can find direct flights to Krakow? Flights to Krakow (Poland) take place regularly from particular airports in Portugal, the Czech Republic, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy and France, and Hungary and Ukraine. Polish cities in which you can find direct flights to Krakow are Gdansk and Warsaw.

The most popular flights to Krakow are: Barcelona - Krakow, Dublin - Krakow, Edinburgh - Krakow, Copenhagen - Krakow, London - Krakow, Milan - Krakow, Oslo - Krakow, Rome - Krakow, Stockholm - Krakow, Tel Aviv - Krakow Warsaw - Krakow.

What airlines fly to Krakow?

There are two airlines that fly on domestic routes to Krakow – low-cost airline Ryanair and Polish Airlines LOT. Airlines flying to Krakow from international airports are: Ryanair, easyJet, Norwegian,, KLM, Aegean Airlines, Vueling, Brussel Airlines, PLL Lot, flydubai, Austrian, British Airways, EL AL Israel Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss, SAS , Iberia, Eurowings, UIA and Yanair.

Cheap flights to Krakow are available in the offer of a few carriers, such as Ryanair, easyjet, Norwegian, Vueling and Other carriers usually offer airline tickets to Krakow and from Krakow at higher prices. Thanks to the eSky airline tickets comparison website or the eSky mobile application, you have the chance to find them at a lower cost.

What are the airports in Krakow?

Air traffic in Krakow is served by one airport -  John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice (KRK). This is the most important airport in the south of the country and the second airport in Poland after Warsaw Chopin Airport in terms of the number of passengers and flight operations. It's located in Balice, about 11 km west of the centre of Krakow.

From the Krakow Balice Airport (KRK) to the city centre you can get by train. The railway station is located near the terminal. Passengers can also take advantage of bus connections - both with the lines of the Municipal Transport Company, as well as private carriers. There are also car rental companies near the airport.

Domestic flights to Krakow

Direct domestic flights to Krakow from Warsaw are served only by one Polish carrier, PA LOT. The carrier offers direct flights on Warsaw-Krakow and Krakow-Warsaw routes. Flights take place eight times a day (to Warsaw and from Warsaw), which results from the needs of passengers. The greatest advantages of these air connections are fast travel time, relatively cheap air tickets (comparable to the costs of rail or bus transport) and good communication of both airports with the city centre.

Flights from Gdansk to Krakow are served by PA LOT, as well as low-cost carrier Ryanair. The first airline offers Gdansk-Krakow and Krakow-Gdansk route once a day. Ryanair offers cheap flights to Krakow from the Baltic Sea and from Krakow to Gdansk twice a day. This flight connection is becoming more and more popular, especially during the summer.  

How much does a flight to Krakow cost?

The prices of air tickets to Krakow on domestic routes are relatively cheap if tickets won't be purchased at the last moment. The cheapest flights to Krakow from Gdansk are offered by low-cost airlines Ryanair. The carrier offers flight tickets for around PLN 150-160 per person one way. In the case of PA LOT, the price of a flight to Krakow is higher, from about PLN 250 per person one way. However, this price can be lower if you buy your tickets well in advance.

On international routes, airline ticket prices to Krakow depend on the airline, departure airport and date of purchase. The cost also increases if you choose a connecting flight (with a transfer) and during popular tourist seasons (for example, in the summer, Christmas). The final price of a ticket to Krakow also depends on additional charges, such as extra luggage, travel insurance or faster check-in at the airport.

When are the cheapest flights to Krakow?

The cheapest flights to Krakow they are offered in the period of lower tourist interest in individual cities. Usually, airline ticket prices to Krakow are lower in late autumn, at the end of October and in November, as well as in winter, in January and February. These months are associated with poor weather conditions in Poland, usually, it's snowing or raining and it's cold and windy.

A seasonal discount is a great option for travellers who aren't afraid of bad weather conditions, as well as for people travelling to Krakow for business purposes. When buying an airline ticket in the winter, it's worth remembering that during Christmas and New Year's Eve the price of a flight to Krakow may increase dramatically because airlines know that interest will be very large.

How to reduce the prices of flights to Krakow?

To reduce the price of a flight to Krakow, you should buy the tickets well in advance, preferably three months in advance. You can also wait for last minute offers when carriers offer cheap airline tickets a few days before departure. The cheapest airline tickets to Krakow can be bought from Tuesday to Thursday in the morning because it's a time when fewer people can spend time planning a trip. While planning a flight, you should check the prices a day before and a day after your selected departure date – sometimes the time difference is small and the costs are completely different.

Cheap flights to Krakow can be found via online price comparison websites, such as eSky cheap flights search engine. Thanks to this, you can quickly compare the prices of airline tickets to Krakow from the offer of all airlines. It's also a great idea to install the eSky mobile application on your phone. Another solution is to sign up to airline newsletter or travel-related groups on social media, where you can get information about the cheapest airline tickets to Krakow.

How to buy a cheap flight to Krakow with eSky?

Buying a cheap airline ticket to Krakow via the eSky search engine is very simple thanks to the intuitive interface. All you need to do is enter the airport of departure and arrival, Krakow airport (KRK). The next step is to choose the number of passengers, one-way options or return options and flight dates. Thanks to the list shown on the right you can also choose the booking class.

After selecting all options, just click the search button on the right and wait a few seconds for results with flights to Krakow. The list is automatically sorted from the cheapest flights to the most expensive flights. However, you can filter them by various criteria, such as arrival time, a number of transfers, and airline. After clicking "Cheapest flights +/- 3 days", you'll see the best airline ticket prices three days before and three days after the selected departure date.

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