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Victor Monteas Arias

  • General information

    Official language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
    Time zone: UTC -5
    Currency: Sol (PEN)

  • Pools of healing water

    If you leave the city and head towards Mancory, you will get to Poza de Barro. Take a bath in this natural mud thermal pool to ease osteoarthritis or just relax.

  • Stone forest

    Halfway between Talara and Negritos, there is Bosque Petrificado, the petrified forest. Go there to admire 45 million-year-old plants remains, solidified in a sandstone.

  • For book lovers

    In Talara and some other cities in the region, such as Piura and Amotape, Mario Vargas Llosa had set the events described in his short novel “Who killed Palamino Molero?”.

Things to see in Talara

Talara is a port city in the north-west part of Peru, in the state of Piura. It is the westernmost point of continental South America and thus the climate is hot and dry here. The region attracts tourist mainly with delicious cuisine, especially seafood dishes.

Owing to rich oil deposits discovered in the area, Talara is often referred to as the capital of black gold.  At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, this natural wealth triggered the rapid development of the fuel industry that in turn enticed thousands of immigrants to come here. In the city center, right next to the Grau Square, you can see the Church of Mary Immaculate (Iglesia de La Inmaculada) built in the 1960s, with its splendid eye-catching altar. A few steps farther, there’s Monumento a Grau – a statue erected in honor of the greatest Peruvian hero, Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario. You cannot miss out visiting Talara’s symbols: refineries and oil wells.

Several kilometers away from the city, there are two gorgeous beaches, just perfect for lazy repose – Balcones and San Pablo Beach. North of Talara, you will find the village of Balneario de Máncora that will surely take the breath of windsurfing and body surfing lovers. Cabo Blanco, in turn, due to a plenitude of fish in the area is an excellent spot for sportfishing and underwater hunting. It is located only 60 kilometers off Tacna and remains favorite holiday destination of Hollywood celebrities, so keep your eyes wide open!

One of Talara’s greatest attractions is its unique cuisine based on seafood. However, it is also worth tasting other dishes, like tamalito verde (an appetizer of corn and coriander, typical of northern Peru), majado de yuca (roasted yucca with pork, onions, and garlic chunks) or seco de cabrito (steamed goat meat in sauce with rice). Which eateries are worth recommendation? Definitely Don Maximo, Machu Restobar, and Costa Norte.

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