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  • General information

    Official language: German
    Time zone: UTC+2 (summer), UTC+1 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • The airport

    It is interesting that a highly popular airport – Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn, for most of its history had been a military object. Only in 2012 it started to serve civil flights.

  • Not so close to Frankfurt

    Despite the airport’s name that may suggest not a long distance between Hahn and Frankfurt am Main, the cities are quite far from each other. Driving by car, you would have to cover over 130 kilometres.

  • The local church

    As for such a tiny town, in Hahn quite important role has the local church. It is dated back to the 14th century, and in 1980 it was officially considered as historic monument. Since 1998 it is lovely illuminated.

What’s worth seeing in Hahn?

Hahn is a tiny, German town in the state Rhineland-Palatinate, it has not more than 200 citizens. Its popularity is mainly due to the fact, that next to it was built the airport Frankfurt-Hahn (Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn). The neighbourhood is just perfect to visit for a romantic trip. Beautiful nature, buildings in gothic style and possibility to cut off from the big city life are definitely things that encourage to go there. 

The town is situated in a lovely, calm area, just by the low mountain range Hunsrück, whose most of peaks are not higher than 400 metres above the sea level. It is worth to spend there a day, walking around not quite challenging paths, admiring local plants, that are very abundant in that area thanks to humid climate. You will see and hear there also many amazing birds!

In the close distance from Hahn, there is Kirchberg, a bit bigger, but still small enough to feel the vibe of tiny, Rhineland town. It is certainly a pleasant option to spend the afternoon, going there from afar you will notice three towers – two of them belong to churches, and one to water tower. It is worth to go for a walk around the centre of Kirchberg, to see lovely buildings, erected in characteristic for mountain villages style.

Due to its size, in Hahn you won’t find a restaurant, but if you fancy to grab something to eat outside house, you won’t be lacking opportunities, especially considering the fact that you would certainly like to go around and visit nearby towns. For typical German dishes go to a restaurant Leckerbissen Graacher Tor at Graacher 3 in Bernkastel-Kues or to Zum Eichamt przy Rohrgasse 2 in Zell. If you feel like having seafood or other Mediterranean dishes, make sure to visit a bar Twenty Eight Tapas at Kurfürstenstraße 61 in Bad Bertrich.

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