Renting a car on holiday. How to do it for less?

Renting a car on holiday. How to do it for less?

How do you organize your holidays to not waste time and money, and at the same have the freedom to move through the neighborhood easily?

Our advice is to rent a car! Despite appearances car rental does not have to be expensive if you know what to look out for. Read on for our tips on how to save on car rental.

Ways to rent a car for cheap

Car rental doesn't have to be expensive. You can rent a car at a good price if you use a few tricks and plan your trip in advance.

Take a child seat with you

A stroller and a child seat can usually be taken on-board at no extra charge. After arrival, the seat can be used in the car. Why not use this opportunity and save on renting a child seat?

Rent cheaper – without extra equipment

Another way of renting a car cheaper is to resign from using additional equipment, for example, the GPS navigation system can be used via a mobile rather than through the car. We recommend this mainly to those travelling in the European Union. Now that roaming fees have been cancelled using your phone abroad (especially as a navigating advice) will not result in you paying additional fees. Before renting a car, think if you really need additional equipment and choose the version best suited for you.

Free cancellation

What if we change our mind and our holiday plans? Rebook the tickets, opt for sunbathing on the hotel beach or just decide that the car will no longer be needed? If you book a car on, you’ll get free cancellation up to 48 hours before the pick-up. This means that no money will be blocked on your card.  

Pick-up at the arrival & drop off at the departure airport

Major car rental companies enable you to drop off the car at a different location than the pick-up place. This is very good news especially for bargain hunters, who often find very attractive deals with different airports of arrival and departure. In this situation, the car is not only a way to travel easily during the holidays, but also a means of transport for a way back. Car rental price is then compensated by the low price of the flight tickets. 

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