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  • General information

    Official language: Standard Chinese
    Time zone: UTC +8
    Currency: Renminbi (CNY)

  • Flower sanctuary

    In Canton there is a sanctuary Liurongsi with the Flower Pagoda, high for 55 metres. It is called this way, as roofs of its floors are looking like flower petals.

  • The highest building in China

    In Canton you will see the highest building in the country. It is a Guangzhou TV Tower, located in a park Dianshita, at 30 Tiyu Rd, Huadu Qu, having 600 metres of height.

  • Eclectic Canton

    Being in Canton, you will be surprised how quickly the surroundings change. A trading street with huge skyscrapers is changing into a small town in a blink of the eye! Check it out!

What’s worth seeing in Guangzhou?

Firstly, let’s put something straight: Guangzhou is a city in China, the same one, which many of us know under the name Canton. It is located in the southern part of the country and is the capital of the province Guangdong.

Culture of the city is strongly dependent on its history. After a defeat in the Opium War, Canton was one of five Chinese cities that could trade with western countries, and still it is a perfect example of typical Chinese city. It is also worth to point out that in the city many people speak English, which isn’t quite common in other parts of the country. Maybe it is due to the fact that many foreigners come there, having various trading relations with local people.

Culinary habits, at least those stereotypical ones, can cause resistance among people bought up in different culture – as the saying goes – locals eat everything that has four legs, apart from a table, everything that swim, apart from a ship and everything that fly, apart from a plane. Remember though that it is just stereotype! You will find there many exquisite restaurants, specializing in Chinese cuisine, which are worth visiting. Quite popular is, for instance, Westin Guangzhou HongMian at Linhe Middle Road 6. Other place worth stepping by is a restaurant Guangzhou at Wenchang South Road 2.

In the evening go for a walk on the boulevard which is located on both sides of the Pearl River. Bridges are beautifully floodlit, and barges sail on the water. Sit on a bench and listen to music played live. After sightseeing, go for drink to one of bars, that aren’t lacking in Canton. Popular spots are, for instance, The Paddy Field at 2F,38 Huale Road or Woo Bar in Zhujiang New Town at W Guangzhou, No.26 Xiancun Road.

Around 15 kilometres from the city there is Baiyun Mountain, which means White Clouds. To the peek you can on your own or use public transport. Go there to see unique tropical forest, growing on hills, and to feel vibe of a Buddhist sanctuary, as in that place there are far fewer tourists than in the city’s centre.

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