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Flights from Poland to Eindhoven

Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands is gaining in popularity among Polish passengers. This is due to a simple reason – flights from Poland to Eindhoven are offered by two low-cost airlines: Ryanair and Wizz Air. Moreover, the airport is relatively close to the Belgian border, so it becomes a choice for those traveling to both, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Airfares to Eindhoven are rather low; you can easily find a ticket to the Netherlands from Poland for about 100 PLN. Yet, you need to remember that the cheapest tickets to Holland include only hand luggage. Checked baggage is subject to additional fees. If you are seeking for the cheapest flights to Eindhoven, be sure to check the offer of low-cost carriers – Ryanair and Wizz Air.

Direct flights from Warsaw to Eindhoven as well as from Cracow to Eindhoven are operated by Ryanair. Also, Wizz Air provides cheap air tickets to Eindhoven. The price does not include additional benefits, but this low-cost airline offers a more expanded network of connections. You can choose from the following routes: Gdańsk – Eindhoven, Poznań – Eindhoven, Katowice – Eindhoven, Wrocław – Eindhoven, and Lublin – Eindhoven, as well as flights from Cracow and Warsaw.

Eindhoven flight search engines

Airfares change constantly, so it is worth using a flight search engine offering an overview of cheap flights to Eindhoven. It is an easy way to compare and contrast offers of different carriers. Visit the eSky website, pick a flight connection from Poland to Eindhoven and choose the date you wish to visit the Netherlands. You can also select your preferred departure airport.

The search results will show a list of the cheapest flights to Eindhoven available for the dates of your interest. Thanks to the possibility of comparing the offers of all airlines in one place, you can be sure to find the cheapest tickets to Eindhoven.

You can also use the Deals tab, where you will find the cheapest connections, regardless of the dates. It is a good alternative for passengers who are more flexible with dates and simply want to visit the city, so they are hunting for the best deals to Eindhoven. Specify a city (or several cities) of possible departure and check the current offer of flights to Eindhoven provided by different airlines.

How to lower the costs of flights to Eindhoven?

Sometimes, traveling with low-cost airlines may be more expensive than you think. Additional fees for checked baggage could be higher than the price of a ticket to Eindhoven, which is a pointless deal. To lower the cost of your flight to Eindhoven, start with checking what you have in your luggage.

You are allowed to bring liquids on board only if they are in 100 ml containers. Maybe pouring your favorite shampoo into 2-3 smaller bottles will solve the problem and enable you to fly to Eindhoven without a registered bag? You can also consider giving up on some other benefits, like priority boarding.

And what if you need to lower the price of a flight to Eindhoven even further? There is a way! If you are not in a hurry and the lowest possible price of a ticket to Eindhoven is the key point, hunt for a bargain! From time to time, both Ryanair and Wizz Air offer fares to Eindhoven at promotional prices – this is your chance to buy a really cheap flight ticket.

How to book cheap flights?

If you are looking for a cheap flight to Eindhoven and wish to stay there for a couple of days to visit the city, consider if you really need to go there for a weekend. In general, airlines offer low-cost flights to Eindhoven in the middle of the week, when flight connections from Poland to the Netherlands are less popular. If your calendar is flexible, it will be easier to tap into the offer of budget airlines and find tickets to Eindhoven in the most competitive price.

However, if you are looking for a cheap flight to Eindhoven at a specific time, such as Christmas, the situation is a bit more complicated. Yet, it is still possible to find an affordable air connection to Eindhoven. In such a case, it is crucial to buy the tickets from Poland to Eindhoven as soon as possible, because their price may get higher and higher with each passing day.

Once you find a cheap flight from Poland to Eindhoven, think well what else you are willing to give up to reduce your traveling expenses. In low-cost airlines, only hand luggage is included in the ticket price. Maybe you do not need so many clothes and you could buy all the necessary cosmetics when you reach your destination? In this way, you can save a lot of money and fly at low cost to Eindhoven.

Popular airlines offering flights to Eindhoven

Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands is served by several carriers, both low-cost and charter ones. The latter operate seasonally and include Corendon Airlines and Freebird Airlines, as well as Belgian and Dutch branches of TUI. Flights from Poland to Eindhoven are provided also by two budget airlines – Ryanair and Wizz Air. There is also low-cost airline Transavia which operates single routes to Poland.

Ryanair offers flights from Warsaw to Eindhoven four times a week, but flight days vary depending on the season. Flights from Cracow to Eindhoven take place regularly, five days a week, except Wednesdays and Sundays.

Another low-cost carrier, Wizz Air, has a more expanded network of connections from Poland to Eindhoven. Wizz Air takes off to Eindhoven from Lublin twice a week, three times a week from Poznań, four times a week from Warsaw, and five times a week from Wrocław. Most frequent flights to this Dutch city are offered by Wizz Air from Gdańsk and Katowice – six and seven days a week respectively.

Compare airfares to Eindhoven

It does not pay off to buy the first ticket you find on an airline’s website. It is worth using a flight search engine to compare and contrast airfares to Eindhoven offered by different airlines. It may turn out that the cheapest tickets to Eindhoven for a given date are provided by a different carrier than the one you found at the beginning.

While comparing flights from Poland to Eindhoven, take into account other factors besides the price. Flying time to Eindhoven from all Polish cities is almost the same, so there will not be big differences in favor of any connection. However, the time of taking off or landing may be significant. Choose your departure airport and do not forget to check how to access the airport. Consider also the transfer from Eindhoven Airport to a hotel. From Warsaw and Cracow, you can fly to Eindhoven with Ryanair and Wizz Air. Flights from Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, and Katowice are offered only by Wizz Air.

It is also worth paying attention to additional services included in your ticket price to Eindhoven. There is almost no difference between budget airlines, also their offer is similar, but maybe some details are particularly important to you.

When to buy air tickets?

Air connections from Poland to Eindhoven are offered almost daily. From some Polish cities, you can get to the Netherlands every day, whereas flights from other airports are provided a few times a week. There are plenty of passengers on these routes, but you can easily buy a ticket a few days in advance.

Do not forget that cheap air tickets will not be available soon before the departure date. It is pointless to wait until the last moment. You should rather start monitoring the prices of air tickets from Poland to Eindhoven as soon as possible and book a flight once the price reaches the amount you are happy with.

The easiest way to buy a ticket at a favorable price is to subscribe to a newsletter. At eSky, you can set the maximum price you are willing to pay and select the route. Once the air connection to Eindhoven from a chosen city is available at a price you determined, you will receive a notification. Just remember that the cheapest tickets to Eindhoven sell out quickly, so you need to make up your mind swiftly.

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At while booking flight tickets, you can also buy different kinds of insurance, according to your needs. Thanks to that, your trip will be safe and comfortable.

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At we offer an accommodation search engine, thanks to which you can take care of your accommodation in the place you are travelling to, even before the travel. The accommodation can be booked independently from the ticket or as a part of Flight+Hotel package.

✔️ Which airlines offer flights to Eindhoven?

At we make sure that the offer for flights to Eindhoven include not only low-cost airlines, but also those specializing in high standard.

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