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  • General information

    Official language: Romanian
    Time zone: UTC+3 (summer), UTC+2 (winter)
    Currency: Leu (RON)

  • Street light posts and horse trams

    Timisoara was the second city in the world, after New York, that introduced electrical street light posts, and also the second city in the Europe to have horse trams.

  • The capital of culture

    Timisoara in 2016 was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture throughout the year 2021. In that year, there will be held many events, concerts, festivals, conferences promoting the city and its culture and historical heritage.

  • The little Wien

    The city’s architecture is a mix of secessionist’s art and buildings in style reminiscing the Habsburg’s époque. Due to its similarities to Austria’s capital, it is sometimes referred to as The Little Wien.

What’s worth seeing in Timisoara?

Timisoara, due to its convenient location, has always had some crucial role to play in the course of history. In its most modern part it stood out as the first free city, because it was there, where the revolution against communistic regime of leader Nicolae Ceaușescu started in Romania in December 1989. As a result of those events, the president was abolished. Nowadays, the city is the third most populated one in Romania ad serves as important communication junction, industrial centre, as well as economic and cultural heart of the western part of the country.

Timisoara’s architecture is a mix of the Art Nouveau and style characteristic for the Habsburg’s époque. The city is built around gorgeous squares, parks and gardens. The closer we get to the city’s centre, the better impression it makes. It is worth paying a visit to the industrial district with its outstanding facilities, that even though have their best years behind them, still can show their hidden beauty to those carefully looking. Timisoara is the city of students, which can be perceptible every step of the way. It has this positive vibe of the city that never sleeps, whether it is week-end or middle of the week.

Timisoara is a multicultural city with German, Hungarian, Serbian minorities and numerous institutions that preach knowledge about those nationalities. While staying in Timisoara, as well as other parts of Romania, it is recommendable to try local wines that have a few centuries of tradition. Romanian’s wineries are famous all around the world. They are spread all over the country, from the coast of the Black Sea to the Carpathian Mountains.

We recommend also paying attention to street art in Timisoara – on buildings and bridges there are plenty of murals and graphics, that even have a multinational festival dedicated to. It is undoubtedly a bit underrated city, that is by all means worth being put on the list of places to visit during your lifetime.

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