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  • General information

    Official language: English
    Time zone: UTC+1 (summer), UTC+0 (winter)
    Currency: Pound sterling (GBP)

  • The happiest city!

    In year 2007 the institution First Direct conducted a survey on happiness of citizens based on their residence. Bournemouth was rated as the happiest city in England in this ranking.

  • A flight by balloon

    One of the most interesting attractions in the city is a possibility of a flight by balloon. It goes for altitude of 150 metres, providing some lovely views for the city and its area. Do you want to try?

  • Small companions

    Climate of the city is beneficial for growth of many interesting plants. Among trees you can meet squirrels, they have grey colour, are used to seeing people and fancy bugging them! All you need to do is take a look around.

What’s interesting to see in Bournemouth?

Bournemouth is the city of an average size, its population is around 180 thousand. It is situated in the district of the same name, in Dorset county, in the southern part of England, by the Channel. Its beaches are considered to be one of cleanest in the country, and a special point on their map is a pier Bournemouth Pier.

The city is very important for the country from economic point of view, it also attracts many tourists. Every year around 5 million visitors is coming there due to beautiful seaside and vibrant night life. Bournemouth is also interested for people who want to improve their health. It is due to climate – it is not too hot there, and the closeness of the Ocean is providing a proper humidity of air. The city’s advantages, as the health resort, was already appreciated in the 19th century.

Culture in the city is buoyantly developing, especially thanks to big academic community, as well as many language schools, that brings students and pupils from many parts of the country and the world. It is a great place to visit for a weekend, for instance during winter, which is not very cold in that area. Maybe you will stumble upon a Christmas fair? The city’s centre is truly multinational, and it falls asleep very late. Go for instance for a play in theatre, then when you want to grab something to eat or have a drink – you won’t complain for lack of possibilities.

Where to go for dinner? In a restaurant Roots ltd at 141 Belle Vue Road you will try delicious dishes, served in exquisite way. For perfect Italian pizza or pasta step by El Murrino at 154 Old Christchurch Rd. It is not possible to miss a highly popular, serving among others fish and chips, Chez Fred at 10 Seamoor Road. Make sure to go there, if you are hungry, dishes are huge, and very tasty! For an evening drink or a glass of wine, but not only, step by Renoufs at 48 Poole Road.

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