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  • General information

    Official language: Italian
    Time zone: UTC+2 (summer), UTC+1 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • On a journey through the world

    Brindisi appeared in the novel of Jules Verne – "Around the world in eighty days". The protagonist, Fileas Fogg, came to this city while crossing the junction between London and Suez.

  • Pleasant climate

    In Brindisi, a pleasant, not too hot and humid climate prevails. How relaxing this place is, can proof the fact that the Irish and English are more and more likely to choose to spend their retirement there.

  • City’s name

    The name of the city probably comes from the Mesapian word brention, which literally means the head of a deer. It was supposed to come from the shape of the city port, that reportedly looks like it.

What’s worth seeing in Brindisi?

Brindisi is a port city in the Italian region of Apulia, located in the beautiful southern part of the country. Thanks to the fact that it is located on the coast, it has played an important role in international trade since antiquity.

Brindisi is in the same region as the extremely popular Bari, which, contrary to appearances, may be its advantage. While a huge number of tourists come to Bari every year, Brindisi is still a lot more peaceful. About three-quarters of tourists are Italians, which certainly proves that it is worth going there for a short trip.

Visiting Brindisi should be started by going to the old part of the city. A walk through its streets is a very pleasant experience, surrounded by unusual, old buildings, you will feel like you have returned to old times. The district is small, so you can easily let yourself get lost in the alleys, because you will soon be able to locate the starting point. During the trip, also step by a cafe for great Italian coffee.

The city is famous for excellent products made in it. Successfully grown are olive trees, vines, almonds and many vegetables such as green tomatoes, peppers and chicory. At Brindisi, wines are also produced whose quality is appreciated around the world. It is worth mentioning, first of all, red wines, which there are made from Negroamaro grapes.

Being here, you have to try the dishes, based on local products, at their best. In Brindisi there are lots of places with excellent cuisine. One of the most popular restaurants is La Locanda del Porto on Via Montenegro 20, you can expect excellent seafood and pasta. The place where you can try, above all, pizzas is Brunda Pizzeria at Piazza Dante 8. Certainly you will not leave disappointed Braceria Semeraro at Piazza Mercato 25 and Pantagruele at Salita di Ripalta 1/3.

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