Why would an airline contact me about an eSky booking?

Why would an airline contact me about an eSky booking?

Do you have a flight ticket purchased through eSky and you are receiving emails about your booking from the airline? This can happen if you buy a low-cost airline ticket (e.g., Ryanair or Wizz Air) on eSky. In this case, the booking service is provided directly by the airline. Find out when this can happen and what to do in such a situation.

I receive emails from the airline. Why?

Low-cost airlines (e.g., Ryanair or Wizz Air) are known for their low ticket prices and extensive route networks. Because of this, passengers often use the services of these carriers. Low ticket prices result from many factors like the use of remote airports or lack of some services available in the ticket price (e.g. no checked baggage or even a limit on the size of hand luggage). In addition, unlike scheduled airlines (such as LOT or Lufthansa), low-cost airlines do not maintain direct contact with other partners, such as flight search engines or tourist service sales websites when servicing their users. That is why people booking low-cost tickets with eSky are served directly by the carriers.

When can I get emails from the airline?

You can receive emails directly from the airline when you hold a low-cost airline flight ticket. Then, after paying for your booking on eSky, you will receive a ticket from us, where you will find all information about whether (and to what extent) your booking is served by the airline or eSky. Remember! If there are emails from the airline in your inbox regarding the booking purchased on eSky, read them and follow the information contained therein.

Airlines can inform you directly about:

  • online check-in,
  • schedule change,
  • travel rules (e.g. about the need to fill in additional forms),
  • other relevant events or recommendations.

Attention! When traveling with low-cost airlines, in some cases like when a trip consists of several flights with different airlines, the booking is entirely handled by eSky and you will not receive emails from airlines.

What should I do when I receive an email from the airline regarding the booking?

Most low-cost airline ticket reservations on eSky are handled directly by the airline. We will inform you who (and to what extent) handles your booking in the email with the ticket titled "Your electronic ticket".

Full-booking handling by the airline means that you must adhere to all the information contained in the emails received from the airline. For example, to check in and find out all the necessary information about your flight, you must contact the airline directly. Remember that the information about the current flight schedule should also be checked on the airline's website!

However, if you want to add additional services to your booking or change the flight date, you can contact eSky.

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