Secure bookings and transactions in eSky. How do we protect you?

Secure bookings and transactions in eSky. How do we protect you?

Have you ever wondered how we take care of our passengers’ security? Do you know what technologies we use to protect your personal data? Read on to learn what we do for our customers to feel safe and comfortable!

Online payment security with eSky

eSky uses the most advanced technologies offering the highest security standards for online card payment processing. We employ TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology to guarantee safe transfer of data when making payments for travel services via our website. TLS technology ensures confidentiality in the transmission of sensitive data, such as personal data and card numbers via the Internet. You can review the certificate at any time by clicking the padlock icon displayed on the address bar in your browser.

Privacy policy

All eSky activities are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other laws governing data protection on the Internet. Privacy as well as protection against unauthorized access and other potential loss and destruction of confidential information are ensured by both technical and organizational means. To learn more, read our Privacy policy.

Personal data

The personal data that we obtain from you is essential to make proper reservations of the products and services you need. Information needed to make payment for reservations (bank name, account number, credit card number) must be re-entered each time you make a new reservation.

eSky does not store sensitive data about payment cards, so any change to services covered by a reservation (e.g. changes to a flight ticket) and making additional reservations require the card data to be entered again. Bookings are made via encoded internet transmission TLS (Transport Layer Security), which enables the safe transfer of data between your browser and our reservation system.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

Our experts keep a watchful eye on the safety of eSky users’ personal data. IT systems are constantly being reviewed for compliance with GDPR standards. We do everything possible to guarantee the best protection of your personal data.


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Payment card security systems

Payment cards are one of the most popular forms of payment. What makes them convenient is that you don’t have to worry about carrying cash everywhere you go. However, the use of payment cards also affects transaction security. Banks and payment institutions are constantly improving and developing new security systems. Currently, the most common systems are verification systems like CVC/CVV codes that are used with online payments.

How does 3-D Secure work?

To ensure the highest level of online payment protection, we use an additional authorization system called 3D Secure. When making a payment over the Internet, you may be redirected to your bank’s website.

First, on your bank’s website, the dialog “3D Secure Card Payment” will be displayed. Then, you should log in to your bank’s online banking system. After logging in, you will receive a notification via mobile app or text message with details of the transaction and a code which has to be entered into a special field on the 3D Secure webpage. Confirmation of the payment is generated only after this code is entered.

Particular payment authorization procedures may be different depending on the bank, but they always resemble the process used for logging into e-banking services.

The 3D Secure System is free and covers Visa and MasterCard payment cards.

What does online payment look like?

In the first step, the customer is asked to enter the card data. After the entered card number and cardholder data are accepted, this information is then sent to the bank that issued the card, using the services of the billing center’s agency. You might be asked for additional payment authorization, like we described above.

The connection with the eSky website uses TLS technology from the moment the passenger’s data is submitted until the very end of the booking process. You can see in your browser that this system is used when the padlock icon appears on the browser’s status or progress bar.

How do we keep you secure?

Your security and trust are our most important values. That’s why we make tremendous effort to develop IT systems that meet the highest standards in safety. Our website undergoes regular security audits by both internal security engineers and external specialists. These independent audits regularly confirm that we fulfill the strict criteria set out in Payment Industry Standard PCI-DDS.

TLS Technology

We employ TLS technology. When you see the padlock icon in your browser’s address bar, this means that your payment data is safely encrypted.

3D Secure technology

Additional authorization of card-based payments using 3D Secure guarantees the strongest transaction protection.

Data protection

Credit card data is verified by banks and used exclusively for accepting one reservation at a time.

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