How does travel insurance work?

How does travel insurance work?

Travel insurance provides protection in the event of unexpected events during your trip. The insured person does not have to worry about covering the costs out of their own pocket in the event of damage to another person or property. He can also count on compensation in the case of, among others, loss or damage to luggage or the costs of rescue and medical treatment after an accident, for example on a slope or on a beach. A stay in a hospital, rehabilitation or medical transport can trigger large expenses, which are covered by the insurer if you take out travel insurance.

Which travel insurance should you choose?

To ensure protection and peace of mind during your trip, it is worth choosing eSky travel insurance. This is an excellent option for people who plan to relax, visit or practice sports. Travel insurance purchased on eSky also covers for pregnant women, infants, children and the elderly, and provides reimbursement in the case of treatment of diseases (including exacerbation of chronic condition).

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance purchased on eSky guarantees comprehensive protection during domestic and foreign trips. It covers personal liability insurance (PLI), medical costs and personal accident insurance (PAI). The alcohol clause included in the insurance policy free of charge may provide protection in the event of events that took place under the influence of alcohol. Details of eSky travel insurance are available here.

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