Which travel insurance should you choose?

Which travel insurance should you choose?

When planning a trip, both domestic and foreign, it is worth choosing travel insurance, which will protect against the effects of unexpected events (including accidents or injuries) and cover possible costs of medical assistance.

What to pay attention to when choosing travel insurance?

First of all, you should decide on a travel insurance policy that includes third party liability insurance, personal accident insurance and which will cover the costs of treatment and medical transport. In case of medical costs, make sure that the insurance covers possible costs of treating all diseases, including exacerbations of chronic conditions, e.g. diabetes. It is good to check whether the insurance covers compensation for lost or damaged luggage.

It is good when your insurance also includes an alcohol clause. It protects the insured in a situation where the injury or accident occurred when they were under the influence of alcohol. In this case, the insurer will cover the costs of treatment.

All of these components are included in standard eSky travel insurance.

How to choose travel insurance?

First of all, it is good to get familiar with terms and conditions of travel insurance, as well as check its scope, the maximum amount to which it covers medical expenses and whether it covers transport costs. Insurance purchased on eSky provides a high amount of compensation, and additionally protects, among others, against the effects of accidents that happened while practicing sports for recreational purposes, e.g. during a winter ski trip or a summer trip to the seaside.

Where to buy travel insurance?

It is worth considering travel insurance already when planning a trip. When deciding to book a flight with eSky, you can buy travel insurance right away. You can also buy insurance on eSky later, after booking tickets or having tickets purchased on a different website, or even planning a trip by another means of transport, e.g. by car, bus or train. All you have to do is use the eSky search engine, provide the required data and pay for the insurance.

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