How to choose travel insurance?

How to choose travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a perfect solution for people who are planning both domestic and foreign trips. Travel insurance provides protection in the event of unforeseen situations during leisure, sightseeing or practicing amateur sports. What should you remember when choosing insurance?

How to choose travel insurance?

When choosing a travel insurance policy, you should carefully read its terms & conditions and scope - whether it covers only third party liability, medical costs and personal accident insurance, or in addition, among others, treatment costs in the event of a sudden exacerbation of chronic condition while traveling.

Travel insurance purchased in eSky provides protection and assistance in the event of unexpected events during the trip (TPL, PAI, medical costs etc.). Thanks to the alcohol clause included in the insurance policy free of charge, the insured person is also protected in the event of events that occurred under the influence of alcohol. The details of the insurance and the scope of the cover can be found here.

Where to buy travel insurance?

Cheap travel insurance can be purchased online when booking your flights with eSky. People who have not done so can buy the insurance at any time before departure. To do this, you can just use the eSky insurance search engine, fill in the form and pay for the insurance policy. It is also possible to purchase travel insurance on eSky also if you have tickets purchased on different websites or you are travelling by another means of transport. This is a great option for people who, for example, are planning to travel by their own car, bus or train.

How much does travel insurance cost?

The price of the insurance depends on the destination and duration of the trip as well as the number of insured persons. The cost of insurance starts from just a few zlotys per day, and protects tourists while on domestic holidays and abroad against the consequences of unexpected events, such as an accident, injury, illness or loss or damage of luggage. We especially recommend the convenient and simple purchase of a travel policy on eSky..

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