Is it worth buying travel insurance?

Is it worth buying travel insurance?

Yes. Travel insurance is the best and cheapest way to protect yourself from the consequences of unforeseen events during your trip, including incurring high costs. Regardless of whether we travel by plane or other means of transport (train, bus, own car).

What benefits does travel insurance provide?

Being insured has many benefits, including, for example, a wide range of protection for all insured persons. Travel insurance purchased on eSky includes third party liability, accident insurance and medical costs as well as a number of other insurance policies that will work well during travel and leisure. The scope and the Special Terms and Conditions of the travel insurance can be found on our website.

Insurance cover which can be obtained by purchasing travel insurance, allows you to enjoy the journey and rest with peace of mind. For a small charge, you can protect yourself against unforeseen often very large expenses, e.g. the costs of a doctor's visit or hospital treatment or the need to cover any damage caused. It is worth remembering that travel insurance provides protection from the beginning to the end of the trip, so it also covers, for example, a flight to your destination and a return flight home. Additionally, the insurance purchased at eSky includes an alcohol clause as standard and at no additional charge.

Where to buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance can be purchased at eSky both when booking flights, and separately - after purchasing flight tickets at eSky or in another service. Insurance can also be purchased from eSky, even if the planned journey is to be made by another means of transport, e.g. by train, bus, ship or your own car. To do this, go to the insurance page and provide the required details, and then pay for travel insurance.

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