Baggage: size and weight restrictions - Transavia Airlines

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Baggage: size and weight restrictions - Transavia Airlines

Check the hand baggage policy at Transavia Airlines. Remember that the baggage dimensions are determined individually by each air carrier. If it is possible, choose a soft backpack instead of a rigid suitcase. It will be easier to adapt it to the requirements.

Checked baggage must also meet certain requirements. Check the permitted weight and size of checked baggage at Transavia Airlines. The number of suitcases that you can take with you depends on the booking class or tariff.

Hand baggage at Transavia Airlines

baggage included in the price




10 kg

45 x 40 x 25 cm or
55 x 40 x 25 cm*

* Each passenger can choose the baggage which is taken as hand baggage. The smaller baggage can be placed under the seat.  Such baggage will be accepted on board. The larger one is located in the hatch above the passengers' heads. If this type of baggage is larger than the space in the hutch, it will be transported with checked baggage. The passenger won't pay any additional fees but will have to collect the baggage upon arrival.

Attention! The dimensions of hand baggage also include protruding elements: handles, wheels, etc.

Checked baggage at Transavia Airlines

Checked baggage included in the price.




1x20 kg

1x30 kg


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