Flybe called in insolvency: what you need to know?

Flybe called in insolvency: what you need to know?

On March 5, 2020 Flybe Airlines have declared the end of operations due to a poor financial situation. Thus, all Flybe flights scheduled after March 5 inclusive have been cancelled.

The carrier whose main base was located in Exter airport was one of the largest airlines handling the air traffic on the British Isles, as well as connections between the United Kingdom and some cities in continental Europe.

What options are available to eSky clients?

Each eSky client who has booked a flight with Flybe with take-off after March 5th inclusive will be informed by phone or mail about cancellation or other flight status (see: What happens with flights booked with Flybe and operated by other airlines?).

If you haven’t been contacted by our consultant about flying with Flybe, we ask for your patience. We will contact you. If in doubt, please check your email (including the SPAM folder). It is possible that you have already receive a message from us. Please check the email that you used to make a booking with eSky.

What happens with flights booked with Flybe and operated by other airlines?

Some of Flybe flights were operated by other airlines. Some were cancelled after Flybe went bankrupt, but a part of them will be on schedule.

All passengers who have purchased tickets for such flights will be notified of the current status of their travel. In the event of a flight being cancelled, we will inform you of this fact and present possible solutions. If the flight will take place as scheduled, the passenger will receive a notification that their journey will be according to plan.

What about refunds for unused tickets?

Our consultants are doing their best to recover funds for unused tickets to return them to passengers of cancelled flights. Each case is considered individually and each passenger will be informed by our consultants about the possibilities of obtaining a refund for tickets.

How can I contact eSky?

Due to the increased traffic on our helpline, please contact us via the contact form.

Remember, you will surely be contacted by our consultants to provide the most current information about your booking.

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