Can I find flight promotions on Black Friday?

Can I find flight promotions on Black Friday?

People who love to shop during a sale usually wait for that one day a year, when the prices are really low and you can buy practically everything, even for half the price. It is all about Black Friday of course, a popular tradition that comes from the United States. What is Black Friday? Can you also find promotions for airline tickets as part of Black Friday? Can you only buy clothes, cosmetics, and electronics at bargain prices?

When is Black Friday?

When is Black Friday? Since this shopping celebration comes from the United States, it usually takes place on the first day after Thanksgiving, which is November 26th. Black Friday also starts the Christmas season. Many people wait to buy their loved ones gifts for Christmas on this particular day. It is worth mentioning, however, that Black Friday offers are not only about clothes or electronics. During this time, you can also find interesting travel-related promotions.

Where can I find sales on Black Friday?

Black Friday flight deals are easiest to find on websites that gather the most information about airline offers. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you won’t miss any bargain flight prices, both for the most popular airlines and those lesser-known. This way you can find the best flights, whether you are looking for first-minute or last-minute trips.

Where can Black Friday sales be found? Thanks to eSky Deals, you can find flight tickets up to 60% cheaper. It is a great idea for everyone who wants to organize their vacation for example in the next year. You can also use eSky travel search, where you can find the cheapest tickets on the selected route and dates. Last but not least: cheap flight tickets are waiting for you on the Deals site and in the eSky search engine all year long.

Low-cost airlines - flight promotions

Low-cost airlines also offer periodic discounts and promotions on tickets. Black Friday is a good time to take a look at the offers of these airlines as well. It is simple enough that in the Deals and in the eSky search engine there are flights from popular carriers known for their low prices, such as Wizz Air or Ryanair. Interestingly, cruise airlines, such as LOT or Lufthansa, also often promote their connections and reduce the prices of tickets that can be found by searching for Deals (and not only on Black Friday). This is an interesting alternative because these carriers often offer greater travel comfort (e.g. you can take much larger luggage without additional charges) and often use airports that are closer to cities than to low-cost ones.

So is Black Friday a good time to look for flights at the best prices? Of course! In addition to searching the offers of electronics, clothes, or interior design stores, you can go to our Deals site and check what promotions have been prepared by the airlines. It may turn out that the end of November is a good time to plan next year's trips or a chance to buy an attractive pre-Christmas city break.

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