What is an e-ticket?

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket is a record in the booking system of an airline that contains all the information about the flight, passenger, and payment.

A passenger that purchases an e-ticket receives by e-mail only the confirmation of the purchase of the e-ticket together with a booking code or ticket number, and the personal data of the person traveling. The ticket itself functions as a form of an electronic collection of the information recorded in the airline’s database.

The e-mail with the booking number and e-ticket are sent within 48 hours after the purchase. If you don’t receive this e-mail or you can’t find it for some other reason (maybe you bought the ticket several months before the flight and you’ve lost the e-mail), you should contact the airline. The ticket will be re-sent to your e-mail address.

What to do with an e-ticket?

Either print your e-ticket (the easiest way) or write down your booking number and take it with you to the airport. The e-ticket or booking number will be used to complete the check-in process.

Since 1 June 2008, all airlines that are members of IATA (International Air Transport Association) issue e-tickets.

Are any other documents needed?

The only way to verify that a passenger who shows up for a flight is the one that the e-ticket is issued for is to check the booking data given by the purchaser with the information in the passenger’s ID. This is why you absolutely must have your ID with you when going to the airport!

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