eSky Wallet: What is it and what benefits does it offer?

eSky Wallet: What is it and what benefits does it offer?

What is eSky Wallet?

eSky Wallet is a digital wallet, in which eSky users can collect and store funds for their travels. You can use them to pay for flights and selected stays (those that offer the option of “pay now” with our service) on the eSky website, as well as Flight+Hotel packages by phone with one of our consultants.

How can I create an eSky Wallet?

There are two ways to access eSky Wallet.

  • The first is by opting-in to our marketing campaigns. As a reward for signing up to our mailing list, you will receive a top-up of credit in your eSky Wallet. If you already have Your account, all you need to do is confirm the top-up by clicking a link in the email we send you. You can check your current funds balance in your wallet simply by logging into your account. If you do not yet have an account, just confirm the receipt of the top-up and follow the link to set up Your account in just a few moments. You will find all the instructions in the email.
  • The second is to receive a refund for an unused flight ticket, for example, in the event of a flight cancellation by the airline. In this situation, you may receive an email from us with the option of choosing how you would like your refund, which will give you the option of an eSky Wallet top-up. After confirming your choice of a digital wallet top-up, you can access the funds via Your account – if you do not already have an account, we will send you an email that will help you to create one quickly and easily.

What are the benefits of an eSky Wallet?

Thanks to eSky Wallet you can book your travel cheaper – or even for free! Planning trips is more flexible and safe than ever, with even more opportunities to choose the options that work for you. If you choose eSky Wallet to collect your refund for a cancelled flight, you’ll receive the funds much faster than a cash or card refund to your account.

Each top-up has a specific expiry date – this is usually three months from the date of receipt in the case of promotional campaigns, or 12 months for flight cancellation refunds. Detailed information about the expiry date of each top-up can be found in Your account.

How can I use eSky Wallet?

If you want to buy a flight ticket or book stays, simply log in to Your account. In the booking form you’ll find an option to pay using your eSky Wallet funds. Where the total price is less than your funds, the balance will remain in your eSky Wallet for use when you book your next trip. If the total price is higher than your fund balance, you can part pay using your eSky Wallet funds; you’ll then be invited to select an additional payment method for the balance.

Remember that booking stays using eSky Wallet is only available for selected services. You can use your eSky Wallet if you can pay for your stay directly on our website.

If you want to use eSky Wallet to pay for a selected Flight+Hotel package please contact us by phone. During your conversation, our consultant will ask for details of the selected offer and for the e-mail address assigned to Your account. They can then assist you in purchasing your selected package. For security reasons, the consultant may also ask for additional data that will help verify your eSky Wallet. Our phone number can be found in the eSky Wallet tab in Your account.

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