Online check-in: What is it? - Viva Air Colombia

Viva Air Colombia

Online check-in: What is it? - Viva Air Colombia

Viva Air Colombia requires the passengers to check in online before arriving at the airport. There is a fee for checking in at the airport and the cost of this service ranges from COP 20,000 (purchased via the airline's website, applies to domestic travel) to COP 60,000 (paid at the airline's desk at the airport, applies to domestic travel).

How to check in for a flight with Viva Air Colombia without incurring additional expenses? eSky customers can choose one of the following options: via a secure form on eSky (if they have purchased the Online check-in service) or directly on the airline's website (if they have not purchased the Online check-in service).

Online check-in with Viva Air Colombia

Online check-in opens Online check-in closes
24 hours prior to departure time 3 hours prior to departure time*

* 2 hours prior to departure time for domestic travel.

What information is required by Viva Air Colombia?

Viva Air Colombia, like other airlines, requires the passenger to provide certain information to ensure the safety of all passengers as well as to improve the boarding procedure at the airport. This information must be consistent with their ID and is used to generate the boarding pass.

A boarding pass may include information such as:

  • date of birth,
  • nationality,
  • travel document type (identity card or passport card),
  • identity card series and number,
  • country of issue,
  • issue and expiry date.

Important! Required information may vary depending on the route and entry regulations of the country of arrival.

The document used to check in with Viva Air Colombia must be brought to the airport by the passenger. The staff may require verifying data consistency before boarding the plane.

When does the eSky customer receive a Viva Air Colombia boarding pass?

eSky customers who have purchased the Online check-in service do not need to remember when it is opened by the airline. In the email containing the ticket, they will find the link to a secure form, thanks to which they will be able to provide the necessary details once they have booked the flight. After check-in has been made available by the airline, our consultants will check the passenger in on their behalf and then send the boarding pass to the email address provided.

eSky customers who have not purchased the Online check-in service have to use the Viva Air Colombia website to check in for their flight. Select the “Check-in and boarding pass” option on the website, sign in using your booking reference and your surname, and then follow the instructions. Important! All emails concerning your booking, the check-in procedure as well as possible schedule changes will be sent directly by the airline to the email address provided while making your eSky booking. 

Action Online check-in service purchased Online check-in service not purchased
Performing a check-in On eSky, using a secure form Directly on the airline's website
Receiving the link to an online check-in form Once the ticket has been purchased Once check-in has started
Entry of information Anytime (but no later than 3 hours before the flight departure!)  

Between 24 hours and 3 hours before the flight departure*

Receiving boarding card Between 48 hours 8 hours before the flight departure** Having conducted the check-in procedure on your own

* 2 hours prior to departure time for domestic travel.

** Not available if the passenger provided check-in details later than 8 hours before the flight departure!

The Online check-in service can only be purchased when booking a ticket. It is not possible to buy it at a later date.

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